OpenFlow Data Plane Abstraction (OF-DPA) API Guide and Reference Manual
Data Fields
ofdpaGroupBucketEntry_s Struct Reference

Group Bucket Table Entry. More...

#include <ofdpa_datatypes.h>

Data Fields

union {
   ofdpaL2InterfaceGroupBucketData_t   l2Interface
 L2 Interface.
   ofdpaL2OverlayGroupBucketData_t   l2Overlay
 L2 Overlay.
   ofdpaL2RewriteGroupBucketData_t   l2Rewrite
 L2 Rewrite.
   ofdpaL2UnfilteredInterfaceGroupBucketData_t   l2UnfilteredInterface
 L2 Unfiltered Interface.
   ofdpaL3InterfaceGroupBucketData_t   l3Interface
 L3 Interface.
   ofdpaL3UnicastGroupBucketData_t   l3Unicast
 L3 Unicast.
   ofdpaMPLSFastFailOverGroupBucketData_t   mplsFastFailOver
 MPLS Fast Failover.
   ofdpaMPLSInterfaceGroupBucketData_t   mplsInterface
 MPLS Interface.
   ofdpaMPLSL2TagGroupBucketData_t   mplsL2Tag
 MPLS L2 Tag.
   ofdpaMPLSLabelGroupBucketData_t   mplsLabel
 MPLS Label.
uint32_t bucketIndex
 Bucket Index.
uint32_t groupId
 Group Id.
uint32_t referenceGroupId
 bucket action set

Detailed Description

Group Bucket Table Entry.

Definition at line 2141 of file ofdpa_datatypes.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t ofdpaGroupBucketEntry_s::referenceGroupId

bucket action set

References a chained group entry, must be zero for L2 Interface Group entries

Definition at line 2152 of file ofdpa_datatypes.h.

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