OpenFlow Data Plane Abstraction (OF-DPA) API Guide and Reference Manual
Data Fields
ofdpaPolicyAclFlowEntry_s Struct Reference

Policy ACL Flow Table Entry. More...

#include <ofdpa_datatypes.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t clearAction
 Clear-Action(s) instruction.
 data for color action
uint8_t colorAction
 If non-zero, write the color.
uint32_t colorEntryId
 Index into the Color Based Actions Flow Table.
uint8_t colorEntryIdAction
 If non-zero, write the color entry id.
uint8_t dscp
 data for SET_IP_DSCP action
uint8_t dscpAction
 If non-zero, write the DSCP.
uint16_t ecn
 data for ECN action
uint16_t ecnAction
 If non-zero, write the ECN.
 Goto-Table instruction.
uint32_t groupID
 Write-Action(s) instruction.
ofdpaPolicyAclFlowMatch_t match_criteria
 match criteria
uint32_t meterId
 data for meter identifer
uint32_t meterIdAction
 If non-zero, apply meter indicated.
uint32_t outputPort
 data for OUTPUT apply-action, restricted to CONTROLLER, set to 0 otherwise
uint32_t outputTunnelPort
 data for OUTPUT write-action, restricted to valid tunnel logical port, set to 0 otherwise
uint16_t trafficClass
 data for Traffic Class action
uint16_t trafficClassAction
 If non-zero, write the Traffic Class.
uint8_t vlanPcp
 data for PCP action
uint8_t vlanPcpAction
 Apply-Action(s) instruction.

Detailed Description

Policy ACL Flow Table Entry.

Definition at line 1413 of file ofdpa_datatypes.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t ofdpaPolicyAclFlowEntry_s::clearAction

Clear-Action(s) instruction.

if set, the action set is cleared

Definition at line 1479 of file ofdpa_datatypes.h.

uint32_t ofdpaPolicyAclFlowEntry_s::groupID

Write-Action(s) instruction.

data for GROUP action – ID == 0 means no group write action

Definition at line 1460 of file ofdpa_datatypes.h.

uint8_t ofdpaPolicyAclFlowEntry_s::vlanPcpAction

Apply-Action(s) instruction.

If non-zero, write the VLAN priority

Definition at line 1422 of file ofdpa_datatypes.h.

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