OpenNSL API Guide and Reference Manual
OpenNSL Documentation
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oSoftware Overview
oDirectory Structure
oTool Chain installation
oBuilding OpenNSL
oInstalling and Executing OpenNSL
oPlatform Setup
oCustomizing OpenNSL Platform
\API Overview
 oBuffer Statistics Tracking (BST)
 oClass of Service Queue Configuration
 oError Handling APIs
 oField Processor APIs
 oInitialization APIs
 oKernel Network (KNET) Configuration
 oLayer 2 Address Management
 oLayer 3 Management
 oLink Monitoring and Notification
 oPort Mirroring APIs
 oMulticast Management APIs
 oPacket Trace
 oPolicer configuration APIs
 oPort Configuration
 oSpanning Tree Groups
 oSwitch Control APIs
 oPacket Transmit and Receive
 oVLAN Configuration
 oVirtual Switching Instance
 \Warm Boot